Month: November, 2011

Trick or Treating for North York Harvest Food Bank

Enthusiastic Volunteers!

This was our 5th year collecting non-perishable food items in support of our amazing local community organization, the North York Harvest Food Bank.

We had an incredible group of volunteers this year!…all wonderful friends and family whose enthusiasm and passion for the mission was frighteningly contagious.

Lucas and his friends Connor and Jessica distributed a flyer to all the houses in the neighbourhood in advance of Halloween night letting everyone know that they would be coming back for their donations.

On Halloween night, the only things going bump in the night were the 4 shopping buggies generously loaned to the kids for collecting food donations by our local Loblaw’s.  Loblaw’s gets an extra special shell out as they have contributed their buggies every year since Trick or Treat Food to Eat began.

Once the buggies were collected, it was back home quickly for a few chomps of pizza and then everyone formed into groups and began their door to door visits.

Each group of 2 was assigned a street to haunt for food donations, and they made their way up one side of the road and down the other.

Thanks to all those that helped make the collection of 1,600 lbs of food possible…LUCAS, CHRIS, MARCO, VANESSA, GREG, KYLE, CRYSTAL, EVELYN, and JARED!

Thanks also to Colleen and Joe who kept us all on course.  Joe, for helping Vic load and then unload the collected goodies from the car to the boxes in our garage and Colleen, for her vibrancy and enthusiasm as well as for helping shell out candies to all the trick or treaters that came to our door.

Vic and Joe

Colleen a.k.a Snooki

A special thanks to all of our neighbors.  They opened their doors, filled the night with optimism and filled our buggies with food donations.




Alex, we did miss you and your dedicated group of volunteers.  Hope you are all experiencing the wonderful success in University that you have  all worked so hard for!