Month: June, 2011

It’s Pride Week in Toronto! Mayor Ford…this is BIG.

One of the premier arts and culture festivals in Canada is taking place in our city.

Pride week celebrates history, courage and diversity, at the same time promoting inclusivity.

Pride week officially kicks off today with a variety of events planned all week concluding Sunday July 3rd with the ever popular Gay Pride Parade.  This is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world with well over 1 million people in attendance. It is a huge tourist and economic development event that attracts people from all over this country and others.

In the past, Mayor after Mayor have all participated in the colorful, fun, high-spirited parade.

Hard to imagine the current Mayor of Toronto won’t be in attendance at an event that celebrates “his” City and its people.

Apparently this is Mayor Fords weekend at the cottage with his family…something he does every year and as we heard him say in the media over and over again “Family comes First“.  I couldn’t agree with that statement more!

A true leader however, family or otherwise, leads by example, so Mayor Ford why not set a good example? Hop on one of those trains you mentioned so often during your campaign and have it rocket you into the city.

Families are Welcome!

For more info on Pride Week, check out the following link

“Turning communication into interactive dialogue”? We’ll see about that.

Social Media as described by Wikipedia;

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. The term refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

Well…who new?  I guess I did, I was just trying to avoid it!

I can avoid it no longer.  With three kids between the ages of 16 and 21, I’ve become tired of hearing how I need to “get with the program”.

I’m throwing myself into Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.  I’ll have to learn how to program my microwave in another era.

So now, instead of trying unsuccessfully to defrost a turkey, I’m spending my time at;

Twitter (my own)-!/J_ToskanCasale

Twitter (YPI) –!/YPI_cares

Facebook –

YouTube –

And to think…a year ago I thought blogging was a stretch!

Wish me luck.


519…it’s more than just a number.

Had the opportunity to get back to the 519 this past weekend.  The 519 Church Street Community Centre is one of the organizations I visited last fall on my site visit tour.

I was there this past Saturday as a guest (thanks Frank and Darren) for a Fundraiser.

It was so refreshing to be at an event attended by guests who were genuinely there to support the 519, it’s programs and the fabulous people they exist to serve.  The environment and each person in it looked fabulous.  The food was catered by FABARNAK a social enterprise on the 519 premises introduced not that long ago, to support the initiatives of the 519.

Andrea Martin, the Emmy and Tony Award-winning comedienne was stellar as the evening’s entertainment!  I was never a big follower of Second City, but you didn’t to be in order to appreciate her talent.  Her ability to keep the audience’s attention pretty much on her own (there was a little bantering and support from her pianist) was impressive.

Funny, charismatic, genuine…the kind of lady you’d love to have at your dinner party!

Congratulations Salah Bachir and the 519 on yet another brilliant success!


Thanks…I mean it…thanks!

YPI May24 2011