Month: March, 2011

Jersey Snore…oops, I meant Jersey Shore.

See what I mean

And then again....

I thought I was kind of in the know…in the loop and up to speed on what’s going on with young people but apparently I’ve fallen a bit behind. I discovered this last night when one of my kids proclaimed it was “Jersday”.  Yup, Jersey Shore on a Thursday makes it Jersday in the mind of some teens with disappointing taste in television.

I would rather get a bikini wax by a blindfolded esthetician in training, than watch an episode of that horrible display of hormones, fake tans, 80’s hair and muscle shirts.

8 “Guidos and Guidettes” are living together in the same home for the summer and the viewer gets to follow them as they make absolute fools of themselves.  The cast are rude, ignorant, sex-crazed and almost always intoxicated.  Relationships are broken, strangers are picked up at bars, tears continuously streaking mascara down the faces of the female cast, hair teased so high it comes as no surprise ceiling fans are restricted in the house. The vocabulary is appalling and the entire cast is just dripping sleeze.

Jersey Shore has become one of the most watched television shows in the world, which makes it obvious that many, many many people feel differently than I do (and I’m okay with that).

Whatever happened to Little House on the Prairie, the Partridge Family or Father Knows Best?  Is Beaver Cleaver still around?   What about the Brady Bunch…THEY seemed to get along well, without too much drama and THEY all lived under one roof?